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Poem By Ron Dawson

The opening eyelids of the morn appear,
The start of another day is now here.

The sun shines down on the country below,
As nature begins her glamorous show.

See the shadows on the rolling hills,
Gaze upon the meadows and the daffodils.

The clouds move across the blue sky,
As the birds leave their nests and begin to fly.

Animals are put to pasture for the long day,
One can also see the trees as they begin to sway.

The woods are filled with living things,
What beauty their romp and movement brings.

The blazing sun heats the earth and makes everything grow,
The grass, flowers, plants and trees begin to show.

The hay in the meadow casts a golden hue upon the sun,
The whole country is alive and vibrant as one views this great land.

The crickets start chirping their favorite song.
As everything in the forest keeps moving along.

The day is ending as the sun begins to fade,
The trees and hills are barely seen in the shade.

The Empress of Silence and the Queen of Sleep appear,
Awaiting tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

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