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Country Girl Gone Wrong
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Country Girl Gone Wrong

To Humbug Molly, her ilk, and all
Misfortune attend and disaster befall!
May life be to her a succession of hurts;
May fleas by the bushel inhabit her skirts;
May aches and diseases encamp in her bones,
May lungs full of tubercles, bladders of stones;
May tapeworms securely in her bowels give an itch;
This one; if a dog would be surely be called an old bitch.
May used corn cobs from the out-house be snarled in her hair,
May pigeons droppings anoint her as they fly through the air.
May blue-flies buzz round her; an old meadow muffin
And tumblebugs roll balls, she's the finest for certain.
Aroma of skatoles and indoles do hang in the air
Following the presence of this one, not fair.
May the bile spread in her libelous attacks
Splash back on her, this journalist hack.
May all be blessed by her passing
And give Thanks everlasting!
At dusk the no-see-ums
Will seek out and bite some
Sketters will buzz around her head
They leave disease if they bite it's said.
May her skin crawl just thinking of the ticks
The numbers increasing as each one she picks,
She deserves it all, this devil's female kin,
Evil! Sister of cupidity, cradled in sin!
Writing prose with a Poison pen!
Doing harm to great men.
May the death angel
End your spiel.
Til then,
Not when,
May she be
Infested ‘n Besieged
By Bedbugs and lice feasting
(It's the insects way of caressing)
On abundant skin folds grown flabby.
A banquet provided by this no-lady.
Hiding in her drawers in spite
They'll come out at nite,
For a nocturnal taste
Of writer's waste.
To Molly Ivins,
She's no Texan.
Tho she claims to be.
She's a country girl gone wrong.

Avenging H. L. Mencken, whom she compares herself to.

(After K. Q. as quoted in Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary.)

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Comments (4)

First of all - I loved the physical shape of the poetry; those hills going up and down.... I think that was intentional! And, then the vengenance.... OMG! You do have some lethal style.... Infact your talent is appreciable - I am lovin it.... it is quiet enjoyable to read...a 10 could be less for this.... Good work, indeed!
Yikes...remind me never to cross you Sidi...this one was just dripping with pure vengeance. well done! Hugs, Dee
Haha! Damn! Since I have just arrived at this place of words and punctuation, I don't know exactly what is going on, but I do know a love poem when I see one and this isn't one. Loved it, man.
I actually admire Molly Ivins, so no offense taken by your screed. It actually comes off as pretty humorous. She'd probably get a chuckle out of it too.