HB (2/24/1932 / Houghton Lake, Michigan)

Country Kids



Country boy and country girl were walking down the lane,
the day was drab and dreary, but there wasn't any rain,
said country boy to country girl, can I hold your hand? ,
country girl said to country boy, I think that would be just grand,
so hand in hand they walked along, singing a simple song,
as happy as they could be, doing nothing wrong,
along came old farmer Brown, with his mule team,
on his way to plow some ground, in his old blue jeans,
he asked if they were heading on their way too town,
they said no they were not, then smiled up at farmer Brown,
they just kept on walking, right on down the road,
with smiles on their faces, because they had no load,
their hearts were light and happy, their thoughts were so gay,
nothing could deter them, cause they were on their way,
they knew where they were headed, they knew where they were bound,
and their parent s also knew exactly where they could be found,
they were on their way to the old school house, that would soon be sold,
country boy and country girl were only 8 years old.

written by Harry Bryant
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all rights reserved

By Habry

© 2005 Habry (All rights reserved)

by Harry Bryant

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