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Country Music And A Jailhouse Girl
DN Donna Nimmo ( / )

Country Music And A Jailhouse Girl

Don’t want to hear some sad whining country song
About how she gone and done you so wrong
And your favorite hound fell into the pool
The horse got drunk and fell off the bar stool

You shouldn’t have got with a jail house girl
That whispered sweet nothings and took you for a whirl
You should have just stuck with your pup old red
If you’d have loved him, he wouldn’t have fled

Now she gave you something that raid won’t kill
Now you’re stuck with her and still footin the bill
Quit your drinking right now, stay away from the juke box
Get yourself a new dog and music that rocks

When you sober up, the problems still there
Quit acting a fool and dancing in your underwear
Don’t be a penpal for a jail house girl anymore
Instead of walking with pigeons, with eagles you’ll soar!

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Fun little poem about country music (and other things) . Enjoyed reading it. You might like my poems COUNTRY CROONERS and I WANT TO SING WITH WILLIE.
This is very interesting Donna. So full of emotion and a lot of advice. Thank you for sharing. Barbara