Country Sunset

There is nothing more beautiful
Than a country sunset
The colors in the open sky
Are as lovely as they can get

Across the fields of grasses
You see the silhouette
Of a fence post or a windmill
As the sun that night has set

Even the barbwire linked across
The fence posts add a charm
For after all it is country
As pure as an old-fashioned barn

Orange, red, yellow and purple
Doesn’t seem possible at all
That these colors dominate
The sky from winter through fall

When we see a country sunset
At the end of a hard-working day
It shows us all things are possible
We wouldn’t want it any other way!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (4)

Nice sunset poem making me feel tired after work, now for a coffee on the back porch to watch your country sunset...very nice indeed regards ++++++10 regards
good 'sunset' poem, Marilyn...pleasing to the mind...thanks...10
You sure have a way with words; with words that can make somebody feel happy and loved. (smile)
Marilyn, I love sunsets and when your in the countryside they somehow look more magnificent than in a city. I love this beautiful poems so much so into my favs it must go. Top marks ad thanks for sharing it with us. Hugs David