Countryman Living In City

Summer days come to the noisy City
And the city folk don their Summer attire
And the pigeon utters it's peculiar ditty
From it's nest atop the lofty spire.

It is now the country raised man starts a pining
For the country places that he left behind
Memories of the sun on flower fringed meads a shining
Re-kindle in his country loving mind

He left behind his valley of enjoyment
For the bright lights he left the bogland brown
He was lucky enough and found good employment
And he found himself a wife and settled down.

This time each year his thoughts return to childhood
When his young country mind was worry free
Amidst each shady hedge and leafy wild wood
Birds were piping tunes of ecstasy

Standing by the peaceful sunlit stream
Watching minnows darting to and fro
Sitting on the mountain side serene
Miles of lovely country stretched below.

And though he miss the vales and pastures green
The city to him has proved a good friend
And though he miss the murmuring brook and stream
Here in the city his life it will end.

Both of his parents this World have departed
They lay under grave yard sod in their grave
And the bungalow type of house where life for him first started
Was sold by auctioneer for brother Dave.

The hands of time keep ceaselessly on turning
And human life it quickly ticks away
And the country raised man always will be yearning.
For the places where he spent his boyhood day.

by Francis Duggan

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