TA (27 july / nigeria)

Coup D'Etate

A loud bang woke me
although with my blurry eyes, the bright light I could see
it sounded like firer works in December,
but it was only June if could remember
the irregularity of the vibration, i could feel.
Alas, pandemonium let loose
but, i wasn't the only one who got bruised,
the whole community was involved
a situation we, the civilians could not solve.
armouries and missiles everywhere
both on land and in the air, causing alot of snare
chaos, anarchy and doom becomes the order of the day
with nobody willing to pay the price to lead the way
wailing and sorrow, tears and pain,
screaming for help, but to aid is not the aim.

another chapter of brutalist is here,
the men on green have appeared,
the civilians, they say have had their fair share
money and fame, power and loot
despotism and ruthlessness, anyone against their will they would shoot.
O' its a phase of despair,
we know not how long this regime would last,
because it is not aperiod to jubilate neither is it a period of fun fare
it is the time of the military,
a time where its all black

Hey you! ! ! ! what are you writing?
I would have loved to continue, but my pen and paper i have to hide.
if you have experienced it finish complete this...
to whom it may concern.

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This is a very powerful piece, that comes from a sad heart 10++ regards tom my heart is with the people