Save The Girl Child

She was born a girl,
with hair so curled,
she was born amongg shouts and cries
had it been a boy, they would have smiled
but hey did mourn
for as a girl she was born.

She looked so cute, so sweet and kind
but no happiness did the parents find,
they did not send her to school,
And thought she was a fool.
she was a genious, a precious gift of god,
But she was despised and her brother adored.

She, a blossoming flower, needed love and care,
but people around her made her life a scare.
they pushed her around,
made her sleep on the ground
and then one day, she did decide
that she could live no more
and then took her own life.

no one mourned her, rather cursed
that ungrateful soul
who had shamed her mother who had nursed.

We know about Sunita Williams and Indira Gandhi too
Who gave us a unforgetteble message
a message for me and you
Girls are mothers, sisters, and wives
who are ever ready to sacrifice.

A world without girls,
is impossible to imagine
the world definitely would be incomplete
without them.
Why some people are so cruel and narrow minded, I fail to understand,
I would have set it right if it had been in my hands.
So love girls and care for them too
For God made them an essential part
as the base of our life from the start.

by Daphne Edwin

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The date of publication for this poem is (1776)
Date of publication for Couplets on Wit is (1776)