Man And The World

Don’t condemn a man alone,
He will learn to live with condemnation and moan.
Don’t be hostile to a man and his kin,
He will grow with the spirit of hostility within.

Remember! Ridicule a man, not;
He will be cursed to ridicule and rot.
Don’t let a man live with shame,
He will be doomed to perennial guilt and defame.

Be tolerant to a fellow being,
So that he learns to live with patience and dream.
Appreciate every man’s doing,
So that he is inflated with praise and wooing.

Honest and fair to a man, be;
So that he is just to the world and not flee.
Make a man to feel secure and comfortable,
So that he grows with faith and confidence, unshakable.

If the worldliness of a man is approved,
He is true to himself and world feel tuned.


by Dr. Yogesh Sharma

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The date of publication for this poem is (1776)
Date of publication for Couplets on Wit is (1776)