TD (August 31 / Province In Canada)


So many words left unsaid,
As thoughts of you run through my head.
Not being able to tell you how i feel is a dread,
I hate having to leave you hanging by a thread.

I try my best to find the courage and power,
Rehearsing verses and lines hour after hour.

As I wait longer the atmosphere gets colder,
It seems so simple, when all I want is to hold her.
But yet I still haven't told her.
Be the one she could talk to,
she could cry on my shoulder.

You should already know how things are between us with every touch,
Everytime you leave my side, I miss you that much.

So should i reveal my crush? Or stay uncrushed?
After all i'm still too young to be in love and such.

by Tina Dang

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