Sitting, crouched and hunched over,
On the floor,
In a dark corner of her bathroom,
She contemplated what had just happened.
He does not want her.

How can this be?
Just the day before they were perfectly happy,
Making love,
Like so many nights before.
He said he loved her.

It was a wonderful thing.
A beautiful thing that they had together.
How could he not be happy?
How could he ask of me… that?
He said to dropp her.

No, no, NO.

She would not let her go.
And if he did love her he would understand.
He would be happy, and he would be…
He went and left her.

She is so beautiful, warm,
Crouched and hunched over,
In her belly,
In a deep, peaceful slumber.
She does want her.

Sitting, crouched and hunched over
On the floor
In a dark corner of her bathroom
She contemplated what had just happened.
She will keep her,
and she will love her above all.

by Warren Augustus de Guzman

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