Poem Hunter
(1986 / Sudbury)


It's hard to translate one's feelings into speech,
It takes time to overcome the obstacles we meet.
Don't live life scared of what your words will bring,
Even if you fail, at least you attempted to do something.
In this life I would rather fail everyday,
And tell my stories of the one's that got away...
Then sit alone with my regrets always haunting me...
'I could have been, but I never had the courage to be.'

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Comments (2)

I agree, this is a well written poem. The sense stress is right and it is the right length. Aside from that, as a former Sudburyian, I can envision some of the events that led up to the poem. Of course, the Sudbury of today is nothing like the Sudbury of '51 when I lived and worked there. Although I have visited since and have even included a poem on my site for the Sudbury I knew. Adeline
An awesome poem Edward; keep writing. Laters.....Joshua.