Courage Is A Surrendering

Why do You have such compulsive needs?
Life is hard enough without that constant greed
I try to live by philosophical creeds
And I'm tortured by your desire to succeed
What is success to you my friend?
I guess I know the answer then
If your working to create something great
And if that great is purposeful, I won't hate
But, please, just please, spare my plate
Yes, I have a life given on a silver platter
I am blessed and this does matter
Have you known why you struggle to please?
Do your urges make you weak in the knees?
Now your happy and your are free
Do what you need and leave me be
I will be happy if you have found what you need
My Love releases you from the scene
This kind of drama isn't in the cards for me
I thought I would always be your queen bee
But I am clearly not giving this away for free
We are charged by these inabilities to seize
In knowing you, I have begun to know true love
Hun, can we live like an animal does?
Or are we willing to accept a higher cause?
Now I know it is expected from the man above
I will surrender because it's being asked of me
Whatever happens will be meant to be
For I am a woman blessed like she who believes
I will love and honor you joyfully
My hope is that you will also receive this as humbly

by Janet Mulligan

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