WT (18-april-1991 / Panama)

Courage To Like Pink

And I didn't want to hear it again
I didn't want to continue listening because it hurt so much
while tears came out one by one
running down me face
in the silence of an early dawn,
a too late night.

I tried to take out my earphones.
To continue listening hurt so much
but as I took one out,
the melody came again
moving something inside me.

I couldn't take out the other earphone and ended putting it in again.

I couldn't sleep,
was tired and restless
laying down on bed
listening and mourning
what it seemed the things and the fortune that I'll never have.
At that point my existence became so pointless.

But then again,
this life didn't belong to me anymore,
but I have to live with whatever came with this.

Sometimes healing never comes,
sometimes suffering seems a good option.
Suffering and only suffering is enough,
if that's the only way to have you in my life.

It takes loneliness, too much loneliness,
but that's the only thing I've been given.
Even though it brings so much suffering,
it comes out so much lesser than a sacrifice
and some real effort.

Life is fair with whom deserves it.
There's no point in jealousy and critic.
Is it just so hard to be fine and happy.
This longing will never go away,
as long as sacrifices and effort aren't present.

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Like it, a great poem.