Courting Hera

Echoes of laughter rising and crashing in dim light
The cries thrust toward unforgiving walls
An unending descending staircase, cloaked in solemn decay
Oppressive and absolute darkness
Stains each wall as it rises beyond the scope of the eye

Such a gradual descent it has been
Which has brought me now into this abyss
Where regret seeps up slowly from ravaged soil
And the men lie in wait for a harvest of redemption that shall not come
While the women gaze skyward in defiance of their sentence

Yet somehow here amidst the chaos
Flashes of sight
I can hear the ghost song and rhythm of the convoy
The rough grinding of an elderly mans hands clenched in prayer after 50 years of sweat and toil
Praying now that his reward may come
The stare and soft hum of a soldier taken in combat days before the birth of his son
Praying now that his reward may come
The running of fingers across the face of a murderer
The enactment of his rage flashing randomly, painfully in his mind
He too is praying
For he is here as well

The confluence of emotions which flows from this ever gathering convoy
Has brought me to my knees
It is only in this bloodletting that I gain strength

Behind me
Far in the distance
A lake murmurs beneath singing winds
A barren landscape kneels in the presence of great cavernous mountains
Within them are concealed the carvings of our forefathers
Now lost

Outlines of the remains of those to come
Are scattered along the stairs
United in degradation
Like an unwilling army marching toward death
Their pallid eyes strain toward our sacred basin

From these depths I can feel you
I have anointed your body with oil
Your sweat glistens like diamonds in bright light
Your lips are a blue shade of majesty
Your eyes the portals through which my dreams arrive
With your every motion the winds pulsate
Drawing with them each breathe as it rises from my lungs
Release yourself now from the confines of your father’s mystic palace
And from the flames of the setting sun

Take refuge under the shroud of our mortal sins
And in the collective shadow of a million crosses
Which rest upon the chest of soldiers this night
Take shelter in the grandeur of our insecurities
And in the collective certainty of a million soft lies
Which rest upon the lips of all of us this night
Take sanctuary in the wonders of our dreams
And in the eyes of a billion children
Which rest upon sheets of enchantment
Under cover of the full moon

And the sky rips open like a wound

Burgeoning oceans of passion smolder within the womb
Waves crashing with incomprehensible force
Drawn from the depths by the harrowing voice of Poseidon
Just beyond the reach of your pulsating wings

Naked I stand before you
A catechumen in the tower of Babel
Descendant of Cain
A sacrifice laid upon the alter of love

So many small deaths I have died for you
Days of anguish spent in the arms of the unrequited
I was drawn like a rising tide toward the distant moon
Eternal was the dream
The shoreline was the truth

Now I have come to the eye of the storm
And stand at the base of the caldron that is your throne
Amidst the scent of carrion

I extend toward you both of my arms
In the grip of one is a blade
Carve upon it your holy name
May the blood consummate our union

The rhythm grips me and drives toward this ritual
The thunder pulsates from the chasm of this sweltering abyss
Let us defeat death, if only for this moment

Pale horses gallop across low skies
As blazing mountains burn inside your dark eyes
Soft gunshots ripple through my souls ocean
As the Sirens sing their melodic potion

Each motion of your flesh draws me toward unconsciousness
And when I can no longer control my body
It is then that you descend upon me

Let us dance toward your cleansing oasis

by Mat Masters

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Wow. That is my reaction to this. Its like a story from the bible, very great work.