Courts Men And The Throne (Acrostic)

Come now, I tell you this at last
Of truth, not been much talked in past
Utter them slow this has lot worth
Reality can ruin girth
This is of King and throne of his
Secret is such that can’t be missed
My eyes but did this naughty peep
Entrusted, me, and I grew weak
Now what, I put this cloak ajar

Alone in court I sat that day
No one was there to look and stare
Did listen to some furtive steps

Then hid myself in curtain hence
He was no one, but vicar dear
Enter the court with furious ire

Toppled the throne then upside down
His intentions I lately found
Reverse the throne was something dire
Oh God I sigh, hid my attire
No one knew that, on what King sit
Engulfed in pillow was vicar’s shit.

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