to write a poem
for a woman's favour:
it is fraught with misery and pain

with a poet man's heart and
stout esteem to lose
and his lady's disdain to gain

by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler

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God Bless the ladies, God Bless the poets! ! If I ever write a poem that get's the lady, that will indeed be my favorite poem, I can't tell that they've served any other purpose, but I keep trying to write anyway, and I'm glad you do as well! ! ! Uriah
It's a chance we all take, Jake, putting our feelings ' out there', but with your talent, I know you could do it and do it well, gaining the lady's love and respect in the process. Great poem. Warmest regards and respect, CJ
ooo... I love this one.
It absolutely amazes me how much you are able to say, in so few words. I'm not an experienced poet, but you're an inspiration.
this is exactly the kind of poem I needed to read this morning...Thanks for sharing it
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