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The Drug Devil

[My poet-friend, Sangeetha Mundhra submitted this poem in I am posting it here on her behalf]

By Sangeeta Mundhra

Oh! What a tragedy!
This life, a gift from God
Nurtured by Mother’s Love
Brought up by father’s care
Lost - wasted in a puff …
Nothing remains of it now –
Not even the ashes.
Everything is blown away in smoke –
Smoke full of sugar brown,
L.S.D., heroin, God-forbidden stuff! !

You poor soul!
What did you do!
For a pleasure momentary
You punctured your veins,
Filled your lungs with poison.
The very blood in your veins,
Every breath passing through your being
Became a curse to you
Dooming you to a Death
So terrible as to frighten Death itself.

Yes, there was hope.
You had a chance
To redeem yourself of this curse.
But you could not
Fight the scorpions biting you.

The Devil within you
Craved for the deadly stuff –
Knowing well that it was leading you
Down the path of no return
You succumbed to its desires
No more caring about the result.

For a pleasure momentary
You lost your life
To the accursed devil

by Angelina Pandian

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This is so sweet! A dream courtship. May you live happily ever after.