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Cover Your Crack If You Want Me To Take You Seriously!
MN (11-08-1970 / )

Cover Your Crack If You Want Me To Take You Seriously!

Today it seems it's trendy
to wear your pants real low.
You know you're hot if you can walk
and let your butt-crack show!

Maybe I'm just old-fashioned
or maybe I'm a prude...
but I can't help but thinking
that your butt-crack is just rude!

It started with the plumber,
by accident... I'm sure!
But now, my teacher turns around
Oh no! Don't tell me.........Her?

She even wears the pants real low
so when she turns away...
her butt-crack smiles back at you
and you don't know what to say!

Do you pretend it's not there?
Do you say ''Hey, nice crack? ''
Pray to the fashion Gods and hope
suspenders will come back!

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Comments (5)

A cracking great read. Adds my voice to the return of suspenders clarion! !
Hilarious stuff, Mary... hysterical, but true! ! Brian
lol! ! ...perhaps, we can begin a new trend: -)
Mary, you bring such fun to your writing. Grand indeed.
great write mary, instead of saying nice crack, try saying 'crack kills', ty for the smile today, i needed 1 and your poem gave it to me