Covering Two Years

This nothingness that feeds upon itself:
Pencils that turn to water in the hand,
Parts of a sentence, hanging in the air,
Thoughts breaking in the mind like glass,
Blank sheets of paper that reflect the world
Whitened the world that I was silenced by.

There were two years of that. Slowly,
Whatever splits, dissevers, cuts, cracks, ravels, or divides
To bring me to that diet of corrosion, burned
And flickered to its terminal.--Now in an older hand
I write my name. Now with a voice grown unfamiliar,
I speak to silences of altered rooms,
Shaken by knowledge of recurrence and return.

by Weldon Kees

Comments (3)

His thoughts are fascinating- his word choices are spot-on- -he is a Master Poet beyond any doubt. He burns in the fires of his own making~!
same poem as in the previous page..............
A nicely meditative poem. One can see the conflict that may have driven him off the Golden Gate Bridge. -LP