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(((Covering Up Your Tracks)))
TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Covering Up Your Tracks)))

Your footprints-oh they match!
All the tell-tale signs are very clear-
ALL the dirt has been dug up--
And the proof is in the pudding-i hear;

Coming from the oceans of yesterday--
And the Steamship S.S. Bernardo of before--
Mary-she had a little Lamb...
Who wanted-oh so much more;

S.S. plotted and planned voraciously-
With his German doc pal who excelled in dirt-
Doc and S.S.-oh how they worked it...
Spreading all the doom and gloom of hurt;

Emily the Proud Big Bird was their target-
As was her father-most dear-
They were part of a Brass Ring Merry-Go-Round...
'1978' was never quite so clear;

Predictions-oh they were coming--
About Emilys move down south...
And Betty announced a published warning--
'Come Spring-Emilys returning'-bellowed out of her mouth;

Warning S.S. and the Aussie Doc...!
They'd better get their umbrellas out--
Cuz Emily the Big Proud Bird was returnin'...
It was more a yell than a shout;

Now you see i was Emily the Big Bird with the Golden Tail-
And i did return as predicted in the Spring of 1979-
Cuz my father had a heart attack and died...!
Tell you their prediction was a crime! ! ! :

Today, i leave all things Greek alone...
As i know where greed and evil truly dwell--
Upon a distant hill they are touching softly?
Just one step away from Hell! ! ! ;

Dedicated to my beloved father
Died: May 7,1979
With hope and prayers that this
kind of thing never happens to
Another human being.

May 19,2010

Underneath The Umbrella

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