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The Goat And I

The Goat And I

Each sunny day upon my way
A goat I pass;
He has a beard of silver grey,
A bell of brass.
And all the while I am in sight
He seems to muse,
And stares at me with all his might
And chews and chews.

Upon the hill so thymy sweet
With joy of Spring,
He hails me with a tiny bleat
Of welcoming.
Though half the globe is drenched with blood
And cities flare,
Contentedly he chews the cud
And does not care.

Oh gentle friend, I know not what
Your age may be,
But of my years I'd give the lot
Yet left to me,
To chew a thistle and not choke,
But bright of eye
Gaze at the old world-weary bloke
Who hobbles by.

Alas! though bards make verse sublime,
And lines to quote,
It takes a fool like me to rhyme
About a goat.

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Oh, my, here's to waking in the middle of the night fresh and rested, randomly choosing a poet, then soaring off into the stormy sky. Ah, just when one thinks there are no more dimensions to love, he/she stumbles over an unnoticed hole and falls onto a revelation that will make yearning for every puthole on Houston's miserable streets imperative and transform the unrequited into the requited. Bravissimo!
Another great poem. It conveys the need to experience through feeling and interaction with others rather than reading about someone else' life and experiences. CJ
I don't understand the bible, it says one thing and people do the other, i do not understand why people are not tolerant of other peoples beliefs, good is good, bad is bad no matter what the religion is, as long as we are generous, faithful, honest, truthful, respectful, and do no harm to any body or any thing, it doesn't matter what you believe in, you have what it takes to see what's in front of you, remember write with your heart Osceola.
This is so grate. short and to the point. i love it.
Very touching and eloquent. Sometimes, brevity is best. Kind wishes, Sandra
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