(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Cow Friends

Have you ever had a friend
Who just happened to be a cow?
Out in the field of hay
Along with a slow moving plow?

I’ve never seen a cow at any time
Who wasn’t passive and sweet
Calmly chewing her cud
Oh, yes, I love all cows I meet

Sometimes they are in groups
Perhaps several babies are in tow
They’re gentle and pleasant to see
Their lives seem to easily flow

Another thing I enjoy about cows
Is that they have a certain style
Contented is what a cow is
They always give me a smile

So next time you’re in the country
Step close to where the fence begins
And just spend a little time
Making lovely memorable cow friends!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (2)

When I was little, the size of a cow (especially up close) was terrifying. But now I long to have a cow friend..there are some just across the road. Sometimes I go near just to have a glimpse; they are always contentedly gnoshing. Thanks for this poem which perfectly describes the peacefulness of a cow.
i like this. it's simple and lovely. cows are strangely content for their lot in life.