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Here stands the coward
As you look upon his face,
So afraid of the world outside
His soul is full of pity and disgrace.
He talks behind ones back
When they are never around,
He is only tough when he is alone
And he is always coward bound.
He will never talk face to face
When conflict heads his way,
He will just run away and hide
And to GOD for protection he will pray.
He lacks the courage to do many things
As he always runs out of man's sight,
He hides while no one is looking
As he can never fight his own fight.
He will make up his stories and lies
So, he can cover up his cowardly way,
As that is all that he knows to do
He is so afraid of all danger and pain.
He will laugh and will always smile
As that too is part of his act,
So persons might believe he is brave
But, bravery and manhood he does lack.
He is brave when females are around
Then he pretends he is something he's not,
He feels their heads with his lies and stories
Or of deeds that other men had done and sought.
He is so much like a frightened animal
With its tail tucked between its legs,
To all he shows that he has no courage
Which is more than a cowardly plague.
He is also known by other names
Which he has been call in the past before,
He is also known as a chicken and sissy
And that too is branded upon his core.
He timidly wakes up everyday
And takes himself a sadly shower,
He washes off the dirt from the night before
But, he cannot wash off being a coward.

Randy L. McClave

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