Cowboy & Heritage Museum

If you want to travel back in time
Enjoy the tantalizing old west
You can through western paintings
They are the ones I love the best

You’ll see artists with amazing talent
For their paintings are on display
With stories as real as a film strip
In their work they are able to convey

Tom Browning is truly a winner
From Bend, Oregon where he lives
He draws the heart of the west
On canvas such talent he gives

You can feel his passion intensely
In every single line on a face
Hardships of brave people
Their journey he allows you to trace

You see into the heart of a nation
That is open to movement and change
Thirsty to discover new places
Their lives they completely rearrange

So if you get the chance, my friend
And want to go back into the old west
Visit this cowboy and heritage museum
Like me you’ll find it’s truly the best!

by Marilyn Lott

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This is the kind of poem which allows you to travel and visit different cultures and places whilst sitting in your own armchair. Good poetry has this travelling quality. I enjoyed this one. Steve (The lazy armchair critic)