BR (3-20-76 / North Dakota (USA))

Where Sea Meets Sky

Where sea meets sky

Why is it that the rain makes people want to cry? If I were the rain, could I connect two hearts, the way rain connects the earth and sky? Sometimes, I wish I were the rain, then, I could touch people and feel their feelings..... Connect with their hearts. Maybe then, just maybe, I could understand their pain, and find out why they cry.
I wish I had GOD's eyes. That way, I could see into your heart and know what you're really feeling. I wouldn't have to guess, wouldn't have to wonder, and I could touch your pain, maybe heal it. Give courage to your fear, make a connection for both our sakes.... GOD knows we need it.
Even though the two never touch. If I were the rain, I can make the sea meet the sky. I can make Romeo meet Juliet, weaving happily-ever-afters and 'will you be mine? ''s in between kisses under gray skies. I could wash away the doubt from before, the fear, Wash It clean until there is nothing left but a moment between hearts, a stare between eyes, and a shrinking space between lips.
If I were the rain, I wouldn't want people to cry when I visit. I'd want them to remember those moments underneath me, when I helped make a connection. I want people to dance with me, sing to me, welcome me and laugh at those who wish me gone. I want people to fall in love with me, and maybe cry when I leave. I want that type of connection with them, one thought impossible, like how I would connect the sea and sky. I want to erase all doubts between us, and see you smile, in a place that used to only make you cry.

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This was incredible. I agree, I'm an Indian and wouldn't want to be anything else. :)
well put. I like the message you're putting out there, however the layout seems more like a story rather than a poem