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Cowpies Of Life

Sometimes our instincts cry for help
and help them we surely try.
But often we grasp at certain wrong rings
and find ourselves go awry.

Do you race to the bar after work
and down a few pounders of beer?
On returning home do you drink a few more
extending the evening's cheer?

A pickled liver and jaundice too-
a couple of things that can happen to you;
a watered down brain-thrown down the drain,
it's happened to more than a few.

Are you collecting riches
to fulfill your aching need?
Does the happiness of 'getting'
seem to satisfy your greed?

Will you be wearing diamonds
when you're riding in the hearse?
When you get to heaven
will your shoes still match your purse?

Do you fill your trophy case
with pictures and letters too?
Of all your fallen lovers
whose love just wouldn't do?

Is finding that new lover
going to help to heal your soul?
Perhaps you need to look within
before life takes it's toll.

Your life is what you make it
just choose your destiny.
The road's not paved with excess
but love and empathy.

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Comments (2)

Oh my, what a wonderful perspective on 'addiction! ' So many people are reaching for the wrong things and never meeting a goal or creativing a real life. This is so perfect for them. I enjoyed it very much and will read more of your work. Marilyn
Thank you for asking to write together Ray..........it was a new experience for me! You are such a caring person and have such a desire to get your ''message'' out. You will make a difference in many people's lives. Sincerely, Mary