A Lady In Waiting

I am A Lady in Waiting. Throughout the earlier part and most of my life, I have pretty much done things my way and some were not necessarily the right way. Rushing into sex brought about parenthood sooner rather than later. As a teen mom, I still finished high school and some college. Being a single parent faced with adult responsibilities, I had to provide for my family. I had many jobs in
my life, but never really no stability when it came to employment, a few years here, a few months there. The same was with relationships, a few years with this one, a few months with that one. But I am here
to say, no regrets whatsoever in the path, choices or direction my life went. Everything I went through, every decision and everything I've endured prepared me for where I am right now. For now I realize it was all for His glory and His purpose. I am A Lady in Waiting.

Being A Lady in Waiting means I am waiting patiently this time for God and God is the only One who can redeem the time. I am waiting to receive all He has in store for me, and while waiting, I am more
patient, more sensitive, more spiritual, more inspired by you. And as I am inspired, I am writing about my experiences throughout my

Living on the top floor of an apartment watching HGTV, The Property Brothers, Love It or List It, Flip or Flop and House Hunter, getting
ideas of how my home will look, prepares me for the moment.
Yes, I too shall be a home owner, for I am A Lady in Waiting.

Years of longing to be loved and married, wanting to do it the right way became draining. Why was I longing to be loved when all the while
I was loved? Yes, loved by the Most Highest. His love surmounts any love any man could ever give. The love I thought I was getting from men somehow never was fulfilling, which kept me hungry and searching
for more. But they had no more to give, only 10%,5%,60% and this resulted only in sexual pleasure. How could I expect them to love me 100% when I wasn't loving me 100%? But I didn't know. If I had known I wouldn't have settled. At this point in my life, some earthly
pleasures are just not as desirable as before. I am at a peaceful place in my life right now and nothing or no one can disturb that peace. I find the greatest peace, inner and outer peace, a calmness, being alone. And as for marriage, well, that has not happened yet,
but oh how I know, I am A Lady in Waiting.

Looking back, I can see how I used to be A Lady in Waiting for all the wrong reasons. I used to be A Lady in Waiting, waiting for you,
waiting for you to call, waiting for you to come when you said you were on your way and still never made it to this day, waiting for you to understand, for you to see, to appreciate the great value you had in me.

Now, I am so proud of how I have grown spiritually and how I seek first the Kingdom of God. I have come a long way. I have learned waiting produces patience, peace and prosperity. God is truly awesome and so worthy and deserving to be praised. For all the times I thought I was doing it by myself, I look back and realize, I never would have made it without Him. For He has guided me every step of the way. He shielded me and protected me and He is the One man that has never left me. I give all glory and honor to God and I pray that God will continue to let His light so shine through me.

I am, A Lady in Waiting, waiting to hear You Oh Heavenly Father say, Well Done!

by Colette Dright

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I think this is a perverted and short-sighted view of man-woman relationship.
Very true.....nicely compared men and women.
His way of seeing things in life is amazing.
Wait, there is a longer version of this on another site, this piece is lovely, but I like the longer one I read better.
Great poem! Another masterpiece IMHO.
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