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Cowturdulance And Secession
HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Cowturdulance And Secession

Poem By Hubert Wilson

Rarin' to be the final American President?
Insane, dubious wannabe White House's last Union resident?
Can't see more George W style tonsorial Texas cowturdulance?
Kinda like stringin' barbed wire in the nude in west Texas hot expanse?
Yep, it means all highways will become foreign owned toll roads?

Pretty, hirsute boy will be dumpin' on the American public in loads?
Eminent domain will become another personal abused toy?
Rushin' efforts on the federal Constitution to destroy?
Regression and oppression -
Yes, his goal in States' Rights to end the Union by SECESSION?

How can such foul ideas come outta such a pretty mouth and hair as he seeks to become the 45th - and last President of the United States of America?

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