Coyote Speaks

I know that look
I have seen that look
so, so many times before
You eye me up from across the distance
wary frightened desirous
the lines of your face
momentarily flicker,
your smile forced wavering
pupils dilated heightened
eyes wide breath short
nostrils flared repugnant
heart skipping interrupted
I know how you watch wanting hunting
fear restrained abated and
I know how you watch me
I know that look

Your eyes belie your charm
And I fall under your spell
You call to me
befriending in your approach
calling me closer
with a smile, a laugh, a tear
a cry out belonging to the feral
want inside your breast
The fear from my approach
The fear of my sniffing around your legs
But it’s not me stealing the eggs
from your hen house
No they are brought to me
Warm and steaming and
fed to me by the hands of your children
But still you blame me for your desires
Cautious in your approach befriending

You’ve had me in your sights and I stop
Seek you out laughing
Howling my joy
I’ve held your eyes
Sniff your fear pregnant in the wind
I have eyed you up the barrel of your gun

this is when I write my best
fevered words
caught in the crosshairs
misaligned through some
malignant ideal of truth
of virtue of righteousness
lost between the fear
of your desire
and your loss of control

as you draw your bead
You look upon me
The phantom of your desire
The child of your thoughts
Even as you pull the trigger

You know our eyes shall meet again


by Khristian E. Kay

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