Cracked Door

Dark dreary night
Chilly, but muggy
All alone tonight
I will not be scared, I promised myself
Everything will be ok
Go to sleep and dream sweet dreams
Startled in my sleep I awake
Groggy and scared, my heart races trying to figure out what awoke me
Hearing nothing but my pounding heart, I fall back to sleep
I hear the bedroom door crack quietly
Your face peeking in through the tiny opening
You see me look at you
My body shaking violently in fear
Can’t think
Surrounded in darkness
Tripping your way to my bed
You pull all the blankets off, angry and possessed
Lying under the bed with my gun in hand
I beg God to make it stop for me
Please make it stop before I end it
Please, I beg
Knowing I must be under the bed, you angrily shove it aside exposing me
Everything happens in slow motion
I begin to feel as if I am floating
Somehow not existent
You suddenly grab for the gun attempting to take it from me
In the middle of silence
In the middle of darkness
I shoot you until you no longer move
Violently heaving for air I try to breathe through my screams
When all of a sudden…I wake up
Safe in my bed I am
Just another night filled of nightmares

by Jennifer Unknown

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nice poem, very intense. It was like a horror movie in my mind