Cracked Egg

You feign happiness when you look at me
But I see beyond you're pretty mask
I know under the pavement are deep cracks
Cracks that create a river flowing to the ocean
The infinite sea that promises you no devotion
You're veins will become varicose as you get older
And the cracks will grow wider as you grow colder
You can't pretend to be something else all the time
One day you'll have to break down, fall and cry
And curl into your fetal position, regretting your decision
For you've hurt so many with your pointless lies
So you're reputation would stand the test of time
But you are not as epic as you credit yourself to be
You're just a liar, you're just a feign
'We must be careful about what we pretend to be'
Is something you shall never comprehend
Never understand
Though it's in your demand
You can't seem to push the button
And open the elevator
To rise you up from your current state
One that you pretend to love
But it's blatant that it's all hate

by Michelle Asswit

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