Poem Hunter
CA (April 20 1991 / Pennsylvania sadly)


My soul fell into the crack you left on my heart
I thought it was a crack but I found out it was the entrance to pain
And you are the one who put it there
When you looked at me with those eyes and told me you didnt love me anymore
And you turned and walked away
Like nothing over the past 9 months had happened
But you took my heart and broke it straight in two
And now you have the nerve to love me again
You want to try and fix what you broke
But it's not that easy
Cause over the past couple of months I learned to cut
To think dark, suicidal thoughts
And now that I've done this it's not that easy to give up
So dont try and fix me
You can stitch my heart back together but my soul will be stuck in the crack
So I sit here cutting cracks in my wrists
Hopeing that one day when I make a cut that my soul will come out of the crack
All this you have done to me because you were thinking about yourself
And now I live with the pain everyday
All because of you

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Well, I think there is anger there as well as pain. You communicate between the lines, that's hard to do. Its critical in the modern style everyone seems to like in the art world. Its not my style, but this is quality stuff in yours. GW62