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Crafted Artistry And Hewned Woods
DQ (06/05/1957 / United States of America)

Crafted Artistry And Hewned Woods

Poem By Donna Quesinberry

remembering Amsterdam
he opens the buffet
shuffling Viennese linens.

she'd smiled hardest
in her shortest skirts,
his attention allowed to focus.

lace cloth tucked under elbow,
he gathers a water lily vase
in compliment to her,

and crosses the terrace.
fichus trees cast vestal images
through wooden blinds.

buffing furnishings,
he sets accoutrements
on a formal chair.

butter almond English balm
moves through the rooms
with resilience.

hands steady.
he holds them
in front of his eyes.

his skin,
his veins,
his lean fingers,

manicured spoils of labor.
he sets a cloth aside
to draw water.

washing to elbows,
a bar of lavender soap
he holds close to his nose.

whiffing sensations.
water echoes
as vapors rise.

immersion’s his temptation.
he turns, checks a burner
and adjusts a dial,

unfolding the lace cloth
sets it on rich wood,
replaces his spectacles.

begins a new chapter.
waits in silence.
remembers she forgot her scarf.

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Simply beautiful, you captured the images from moment to moment so eloquently. Takes us to the moment.