Crafted By God's Own Being!

Crafted by God's own being...He did so say
'let there be light'.Ever so bright! Ever so
light! When can light shed it's rays? ...
Where does it spread? Where may it lay?
Lightness imparts particles of colors...
Colors so bright, ever delight! Rainbow's
hues penetrate the water...It does not
matter, if the Sun makes it hotter! Ever so
bright, deliver the light! Shadows fall on
blinded eyes denied...A waned voice denied,
heard only relied.God did rest on the
seventh day...From all this early
beginning.We do so pray! We do so pray!


Michael Jeffrey Gale

Copyright ©2006 Michael Jeffrey Gale

by Michael Gale

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perhaps his stilo resting the 7th. day has not been created yet