Craig Harding

Craig Harding doesn't have an easy life
He works hard by day and at night Lindy his wife
Is out with her friend Jacqueline playing net ball
Whilst he minds the children and stares at the wall.

He works his butt off for nine hours a day
And at the weekend gives her all of his pay
And though I pity the poor bloke he has it tough
He ought to know when enough is enough.

He once dreamt of a prize fighting career
But to him success never did come near
When Craig stepped in the ring the punches flew
But I've been told that he copped more than he threw.

Nine days a forthnight for nine long boring hours
Driving tipper truck for Western Travel Towers
No wonder there's no big smile on his face
And his mind at times seems in a different place.

Craig Harding is a man who has no say
And his darling Lindy has it her own way
She's out with her friend Jacqueline playing netball
Whilst he at home sits staring at the wall.

by Francis Duggan

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