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Crash Of Waves

It started as just the lapping of water at shores edge
A constant that one could ignore
Just a brief touch then only to recede again
The water teases, leaves you wanting more

Then the swells pickup in intensity
Could it be rough seas on the horizon?
Is it a ride one wants to take?
A chance to experience head-on

The urge to feel consumes the body
The waves now ancient floodgates
Releasing all, in one big crashing burst
A rush of cool water satiates

(12 June 2007)

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and the sun, and the sand and all the glorious things that are a part of the ocean and its crashing waves....it has given me a massive seashell and seaglass collection and enables my son to surf out west when time allows..Any write on water as in oceans and islands, well you've got me all the way, , , GREAT WRITE..marci. :)
Sounds Wonderful and very wet...
The lure of the unknown...an adventure of which we are not always certain. Often thrilling and satisfying. Great poem!