AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

Crash Test Dummies

something so simple,
if it really were,
we'd not be mentioning it now.

I think in the time it takes you
to voice reason,
I will have quit loving you.

I cannot help but feel somewhat guilty,
this final good-bye was
supposed to mean something.
and I tried,
I denied you nothing,
opened myself for your pleasure,
and yet the burden now falls on your shoulders,
because you say I'm leaving,
and I know,
I've already been gone.

there's so many betrayals-
we make room for pity-sake,
we like to suffer,
we like to anger.
and yet it is misfortunate that
now you realize you've loved me
for all this time,
and I think of
how ready I am to walk away-
then I wonder if in the time it takes me to
leave behind the spare key,
if you'll notice that I've never stayed.

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Comments (3)

A meditation of darkness, where love disappears.
Really great poem, Amberlee. You capture human emotion exceptionally. Best wishes, Seán
Yes indeed, people can often lack the ability to observe what we feel is obvious. I enjoyed this one immensely, and am looking forward to more.