Poem By Shelby Huff

You wake up in an unfamiliar place.
You see an unfamiliar face.
You're confused.
You're lost.
You're head hurts.
You're crashed.
You've lost all memory of the night before.
A man calls your name.
You look over and there he is.
He's naked and you don't know who he is.
Then he comes and thrusts himself upon you.
You scream and say no over and over.
He doesn't stop.
You're crashed.
It's over finally, but your in terrible pain.
What do you do?
Do you call your mom?
Or run away?
You can't tell anyone.
You're crashed.
No one knows where you are.
You're in Anguish.
You look in the mirror and are disgusted.
You want to kill him, but
You're crashed.

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