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Crashing The Hard Drive
SIH (03/05/1959 / New Zealand)

Crashing The Hard Drive

Poem By Simone Inez Harriman

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To: Sexy thing
Subject: Rendezvous
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Checking up on you
Pain, hurt, disbelief
Home screen
There you are
Smiling with her
Lies, humiliation, deceit
I dismantle your files
Disassemble your memory
I crash the hard drive
Disabling me
Deleting you

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Comments (21)

It is seen that no wife can able to bear the truth that there would be another woman in the life of her husband. She likes to delete his image for ever. Brilliantly penned and amazingly shared.Thanks for sharing.
Fine use of computer technology to convey your emotions. Sometimes I feel kike crashing the hard drive. Attention-grabbing title.Dazzling poem.
An imaginative write. In the modern age we engage our rage in stages.++10
This poem has been presented touchingly in an unique pen including melancholy that highly touches the readers. I appreciate this poem.10
I have read all your poems and am now revisiting them which because of your incredible talent is a well-rewarded pleasure. As much as I thought I felt the emotions in this piece the first time through, I find it incredibly painful to read this time through. I can only hope this is not based on a personal event but it seems to be hitting all the painful stomach-clenching hurtful annihilating buttons of betrayal. If only we could crush the hard drive of our memories. 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++