Crashing Waves!

I'm glad to be a dolphin, I can wave my fin at you!
I can smile my gracious grin and then blow a kiss or two!
I swim as fast as boats can! That's amazing, don't you think! ?
And yet, don't close your eyes, man, or I'll vanish in a blink!
My home's here, where I'm feeding... My family's around me...
I'd say that I'm succeeding, as long as they surround me!
It's great to go exploring and to be a pioneer!
You see, there's no ignoring all the beauty that's down here!
It doesn't matter where we go, as the beauty's always there...
All colours of the rainbow bring us sights beyond compare!
The humans sometimes meet us as they like to share their lunch!
It's nice to see them greet us as they seem a friendly bunch!
Great to see them now and then... and yet, suddenly, they go!
Soon they wander off again... Why they leave we just don't know!
Yet I'm glad each dolphin saves all the memories that they've shared:
All the times we're crashing waves! All the times when humans cared!
When you humans visit dolphins, you're made welcome neath the sky!
Come, let's play and let's be friends, till each one waves goodbye...

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