Craving Your Sight

I gently close my eyes its darkness I see
I try to search for you in every memory

I feel your fingers all over my hair
I see beauty among me I silently stare

I remember that warmth of love we shared
I am reminded of the satisfaction that occurred

I know deep down I long your touch
I know for a fact that I miss you too much

I cant bear it anymore I need your existence
I can resist anything but your distance

I am stronger than everything but when it comes to you
I am week I am vulnerable knowing there is nothing I can do

it is only you I want and only you I fancy
it is you invading my life with mystical ecstasy

I am aware by veins arriving from my heart
I am informed that it is spiritually killing me being apart

by Ayesha Sartawi

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i'm craving for your good writes....................