Craz-E Dream! ! !

have you ever had one of those dreams
where you're like...
'OMG! WTF! ? ! '
yeah...thats the kind of dream
i had last nite
dont freak on me if you do read this
ive never had a dream like this before
i dont quite remember how the dream
started out
but then and again....who does?
okay...have you ever seen that movie
'hostle'? know that place where they stay
BEFORE they all start dissappearing? was at a place kinda like that...
it was weird tho...
it had sorta-kinda like 'levels'
first you (girls) would go to the first room
you would strip naked and put a robe on
then you would go to room '# 1'
you would get a manicure, pedicure,
and then go to room '# 2'
where you would get your hair done
hi-lites, wash, etc.
then you went to room '# 3'
where you would get youre make-up done
then...the grand finalle
you went to room '# 4'
where you dressed up in costumes
the point was to look like
well...a hooker, prostitute, etc.
you would go into a dark...dark room
it was lit up with candles...
but still dark would do your
and...we would go
nite, after nite, after nite!
just me and my friend *****
(seperate rooms)
she would do her thang,
and i would do mine
until one day
after we had just got finished
putting our costumes on...
the cops came
and busted us out
i dont quite remember what happened
but i remember us running around the mall
from the cops
and then i remember
seeing my grandma
driving around the parkinglot
trying to find a spot to park
and she saw us
when we were being arrested
in our prostitue clothes
in the open!
my dream ended there
all because my sister wanted
to use my computer...
you see...
she woke me up when she was
knocking on my door
i went to
and under 'dream dictionary'
i typed in 'arrested'
and it said
'If you are guilty of the crime
in your dream though,
it foretells that a season of
unfortunate incidents
is ahead of you.
Dreams of seeing
others arrested means
you want to make changes
in your life,
but you are nervous about
not succeeeding. '
so idk...
but as i said
dont freak on me if you HAVE read this
ive never had a dream like this before

by The Diary of 3mo Star

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I've had dreamed where there were water-falls of falling sand. I'd wake up screaming and crying when I was little when I'd have those dreams, up-until pre-teen, and early teen years till they stopped. I chatted with a gentleman online he said that I should start reading about 'parapsychology.' Maybe you should, too 3mo Star? .