Crazed With A Self Centeredness

When a leader of intelligence,
That clearly should get respect...
But doesn't by those who have chosen,
To express their ignorance.
This reflects on what they represent.
With nothing left that can be said,
About beliefs that are kept...
In the minds of those,
Crazed with a self centeredness.

'Not only are your actions disrespectful,
But you also have been fed a belief...
You can do and say as you please.
With a representing of those like yourself,
Providing a validation as to why the world,
Is in such a mess.'

~I thought you were finished with your statement.~

You wanted to give your ignorance an attention.
And without mentioning how well you represent it,
You should be proud of it being televised.
If you have finished interrupting me,
I will proceed with the continuing of my speech.
And may I add...
Thank you for providing your unsolicited endorsement.
You have relieved me from announcing your stupidity.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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