Craziest Love

Craziest love

I have seen the bright future on your eyes
When I close to you is about inch by inch
Deeply my heartbeat is faster not usual
Like wanting to kiss your red lips never ending dear
You bring a million of reasons to be by your side
Your smile, your beauty and your kindness
Make me not letting you go far away for hours even a minute
I do love you, my dearest

I do love you more till the kingdom comes
Slowly trying to show you a truth of my love
When you say you love me too on that time
I will put a diamond ring on your sweet finger beloved one
Stay with me till the hair becomes white
Sitting by my side till the teeth are gone
Because with you I find a craziest of love that makes my life brighter
Be with you, I understand much more about love my dear

by Domes wau

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