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MJB (Pasig City, Phil. / October 12,1984)


Can’t help, starin’ at you

Wonderin’ what the hell is on you

Can’t help, lookin’ at you

Your thoughtful eyes

Is all I’m thinkin’ of


Boy, you got me on my feet

You make my heart skip a beat

Can you tell me what I feel

Is this love that I’m feeling


Boy, I’m crazy

Tell me, am I crazy

When I let myself fall

When I hardly even know you

Boy, I’m crazy

Tell me that I’m crazy

When I said that love

Won’t have a chance

But why the hell did I give you

The chance of a lifetime

(To love me)



Can’t help, fallin’ for you

With just one smile

You melt my worries away

Can’t help, wonderin’ to myself

Why I’m feeling so in love with you

Refrain 2:

Boy, you’re not everything

That I’ve always dreaming

Can you give me all the reasons

Why my heart should feel this way

For you

(Repeat Chorus)

0oh woah


I can’t understand myself

I can’t understand this heart

So why don’t you just

Prove it all to me

That you deserve my everything

When I said that I wouldn’t love again

But now my heart is screaming your name

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