a man fell into the ground
when he hit he didn't make a sound
not one umph not one thud
guess that man was just a dud

he was taught how to shoot a gun
and shooting he thought was fun
but then he got shot in the head
and out came a pourin' the color red

he was raised in on the mississippi flats
ate possum and coon and rats
never hurt a man until he got called
and when he did his family bawled

but he went anyway a lookin' for sum luck
went clankity' clank like his old pickup truck
saw his enemy and looked him in the eye
said is it going to be me, , , or you to die

he loved his family and loved his life
but down he went... his body respite..
and so ended his woes and worldly strife..

by Brian McBrand

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I found this to be a very pleasant poem to read and understand. It qualifies as a poem to read and recommend. I do so with great pleasure. GW62