Crazy About A Mercury

Crazy 'bout a Mercury
That's what Alan Jackson means
Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crowe
Are pimping new blue jeans
They must think we're idiots
And don't know how to think
Aerosmith is selling Buicks
Britney's telling me what to drink

Frank Sinatra wants me
To use my Visa card again
Chris Isaak thinks I need
Yet another Heineken
Lynyrd Skynyrd says Busch beer
Is what a simple man should find
Wait a minute...a simple man?
Is there any other kind?

Madonna knows which make-up
I should always use
The Beach Boys wanna send me
On a Carnival Cruise
Shania has a Chevy for me
Now her I'd like to please
Or buy an Apple computer
From the Black-Eyed Peas

Do these people use these products?
Do they even give a hoot?
Will they sell their songs to anyone?
Like a musical prostitute
You ought to use the stuff you're selling
Take the time to get to know 'em
Hmmm...I wonder if the Zoloft folks
Would want to buy a poem?

by maggie signaigo

Comments (4)

Ha! Good point, good rhymes!
well said maggie! ! Very well said :) HBH
It certainly seems to have gotten worse in recent years. File sharing has reduced CD sales, so maybe the musicians feel they have to turn to commercials to make more money. It also helps them promote themselves.
let's give three cheers for Commercialism! ! loved the poem. nice job! Jake