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Crazy Devil
AR (July 5,1986 / Elmhurst, New York)

Crazy Devil

Poem By Aaron Rigodon

I'm the crazy devil that lurks inside your peaceful dreams
As you dream, sweat pours down your brownish skin
Silently you hallucinate vivid moments of loneliness
Remembering the time a knife struck you in the chest
Remaining helpless in the bathroom you called sanctuary.
You hear my laughter as your freezing in the naked floor
You wake up with bloody tears praying to God save me
from the devil. Boo Ho!

I'm the crazy devil that allows you to believe that you’re important
I make you look like a fool in this petty world
You’re as important as my stingy nails being clip into the garbage
I dress you up as a clown so you can entertain me with your weeping
My favorite act was when your acorn head laid in the dirty toilet
Your nothing but a loser and you should know because
you’re always going to be a loser.
Fall down to the burning Hell and become the thing you hate the most
Become The Devil.

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