KN ( / America)

Crazy Goodbye

So the point of my pen,
Is where I find my zen.
Lay my thoughts down on paper,
And I save them for later.

Yet still…

'Sometimes the words,
Are never enough.
No matter how much I write,
I cannot sleep through the night.'

We broke up only yesterday,
Yet still you called to say,
That you miss me quite terribly,
More and more each day.

Quit telling me that you love me,
‘Cause I feel the same way about you.
But please stop calling me,
And please move on soon.

Clinging to the final thread,
Of a relationship quite clearly dead,
Brings way too much stress and pain,
Too many longing tears hidden in rain.

I’m sick of crying,
And feeling like my heart is dying.
I must be alone,
So my heart can return to stone.

And so if you just go away,
My heart can harden day by day.
So hang up the phone,
And leave me alone.

No, I’ll never forget you,
But I just can’t be with you.

I’m sorry but it is time to say goodbye,
I’m sorry but I’ve run out of tears to cry.
You shouldn’t try for one last kiss,
Because that’s just one more thing to miss.


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Wow u really are quite good at writing these I mean really just wow