HZH ( / California)

Crazy Heart

If I had never fallen in love
It would have been so much simpler.
But No!
Crazy Heart left me senseless!
While my head took an interest
My Heart took more than that.
Without even trying,
My Heart found another.
While I was busy
With every day business,
My Heart saw potential
In a vibrant new existence.
It was developing
A serious investment.
It plotted and planned,
Just while I thought
Everything was fine,
It turns out
That my Heart had other designs.
So when I finally
Stopped and looked at my Heart
There is where I found this
Hidden treasure called Love.
Never realizing it was there
Until it was too late
There was nothing I could do
I was surrounded and captured
Prisoner to an unseen presence
Trapped in a corner
With the only way out was through the middle
So in I went
Without compass or map
Trying to find my way out
But each way I turned
Led to another path or door
And along each new path
Or behind each new door
Was a trial, a test or a treat.
My head was in constant turmoil
So in this maze
I lost all my senses
And did not know
How to use them
To guide myself
Safely through.
Till finally I stumbled and fell
Only to get up
And slip down again.
When at last an escape I saw
I clawed and yammered.
For fear had it's grip.
So my final assault to the way out
Was a sloppy mess.
Splattering mud everywhere,
Even on the object of desire.
Leaving no doubt
Of my crazy state of being.
I'm not a pretty sight
And try as I might
Cannot make amends.

(5.14.7 Inner Thoughts)

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